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Signature Treatment

นวดน้ำมัน คีรี ธารา

	Unique oil massage with the combination of hot stone therapy. Using the techniques of long palms and side of hand strokes along muscle lines and massage with heated volcanic rocks. This kind of techniques will help to boost heart operating process and blood pumping to nourish peripheral parts of the body, making you feel relaxed and refresh. Apart from that, volcanic rock also helps to detoxify and eliminate toxins from the body. Kiritara signature essential oil is also used in this treatment. With the special blend from nature, this essential oil helps to make you feel relaxed and refresh as if being in the midst of nature. Kiritara signature oil massage is, therefore, a good solution for people who seek for relaxation and refresh feeling as if being in the midst of nature.

นวดไทยคีรี ธารา


Unique combination of traditional Thai massage and muscle stretch technique in a form of Passive Yoga which is designed to be suitable for the muscle flexibility of each person. This technique includes slow and rhythmic compression along energy lines, work on acu-points and stretching, joint opening movements looking like assisted yoga positions. The massage will stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, you will feel release from muscle tension, and relieve muscular pain and stiffness. Apart from that, the massage also increases or maintains flexibility of body in order to promote good health in long terms.

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